Prog Palace Radio Chat

Prog Palace Radio Chat

The chat has changed and we are once again using IRC on the Freenode network. I made this decision after several issues arose when using the previous chat over mobile devices. This was compounded by the additional cost of the chat.Please use the link below to join our chat. No username or password needed, just simply choose a nickname, check the box stating that you are indeed not a robot and click Join

For those wishing to use or try an IRC client I recommend using the Adiirc client at

and choose the download that fits your operating system, if you are unsure if you are using 32 or 64 bit version of Windows choose 32bit and click on the link that says Installer. This is the version that will install the program automatically to your computer. During the install leave the default settings and simply install. Once completed the final screen of the install will ask if you wish to open the program now. Click finish and it will open, once opened you will be asked to enter some information at the quick connect screen.

Enter in the nickname you wish to use, your real name is optional, the server should already be set to the freenode server, but in case it is not simply type in into that field and make sure the port is 6667.  The next box is to add a channel you wish to join every time you connect, you’ll notice #adiirc is listed in there, highlight the #adiirc and click remove and the box is empty. Now in the above box enter #progpalace and click add. It will move to the same location as the #adiirc was, now click connect. After a moment it should automatically bring you into the chat and you’ll be all set. When you close and reopen the program simply click connect the next time you want to chat and you’ll be brought back to our chat every time.

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