The Prog Metal Show

Presented by Greg Stafford

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Saturday 7:00 pm 11:00 pm

"Your Weekly Dose Of PMS"

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Join us in chat for this live show every Saturday.

The Prog Metal Show with Greg Stafford. “You’re weekly dose of PMS”

Hosted by the owner of Prog Palace Radio, Greg Stafford has been running the station and his show for 17 years and still going strong.

“Each week I find new music to share with our listeners as well as music from artist label’s or directly from the artists. I prefer dealing with artists directly giving it a more personal touch from someone that runs a station as well as that personal touch to their fans. Without fans musicians wouldn’t have a job and I wouldn’t have PPR and to hang out with these great people not only as someone running an internet station, but one who’s also a fan. Meeting others with the same taste in music is awesome and to have that in common with so many people is a blast. If you haven’t been to any Prog Power or any progressive music fest around the world I recommend going at least once. You might return each year if you can, but the first time is always something amazing.”

The Prog Metal Show began 17 years ago under the name The Prog Power Hour, a four hour show featuring mostly new music each week.

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