The Progressive Disorder

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Thursday 7:00 pm 10:00 pm

"Progressive Chaos In Motion

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The Progressive Disorder is our only prerecorded show. Unfortunately Frank works long hours and never has a set time he can sit down to do a live show each week. Don’t let that discourage you from tuning in, he still has some of the best progressive and power metal music on the planet playing on his show. He might even introduce you to a few you’ve not heard of before. When he can he does join chat so stop by to say hi.

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The Progressive Disorder team

What can you expect to hear on my show? I definitely enjoy atypical instrumentation, I'm a big fan of brass and folk instruments in my metal, I've been known to enjoy Chiptunes as well, and I love to support the VGM scene (video game music). I prefer melodies and funky bass lines over super technical guitar shredding most of the time, but am constantly surprising myself at what new thing I learned to enjoy while I wasn't paying attention. I'm also a sucker for cover songs, particularly the "Where the crap did that come from?" ones.

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