The Slacker Initiative with DJ DetroMental

With DJ Detromental

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Wednesday 7:00 pm 10:00 pm

The Slacker Initiative

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The craziest progressive metal, folk metal, and pretty much any metal band with a horn section.

The Slacker Initiative is our newest show on Prog Palace Radio. DJ DetroMental is your host and she takes you on a journey into the far reaches of progressive, power, folk, and more. If you enjoy your metal with a horn section this is the show for you. She’s always in chat and enjoys the company so stop by. If you have an obscure band no one’s heard of with a horn section let her know.

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The Slacker Initiative with DJ DetroMental crew

Hey there, DJ Detromental here (DM for short). I’ve got myself a little radio show called the Slacker Initiative. Every week I set aside a few hours to share some cool tunes with ya’ll while I make an ass of myself on the interwebs because that’s pretty much how I multitask. What can you expect […]

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